The Baltimore Uprising

In May of 2015 after the death of Freddie Gray by Baltimore Police, a string of protests known as the “The Baltimore Uprising,” took place. Black Diaries organizers took a team of social workers on multiple trips to Baltimore, MD. to engage in narrative therapy with demonstrators.

The team desired to give voice to the various crossroads and intersections that resulted in the protest and some riots. They listened as community members shared accounts of racism, systemic oppression, and multi-generational poverty; a recurring theme in the lives of far too many Blacks and people of color.

We now ask, “Has the relationship with the police changed in the community for Blacks and people of color? If so, is community trust with law enforcement better or worse?” Share your input by writing to for a chance to be featured in a follow up piece.

Click here to view Black Diaries 2015 television interview with Arise America Television Network on the topic of Freddie Gray.