Launching a Non-Profit Called Black Diaries to Examine the Context of People’s Lives

The National Association of Social Workers- New York City Chapter  asked Christina (Nzinga) Reid, to submit an article about the work that she and her colleague are doing to focus on the lives of people in the African diaspora. Christina’s work is innovative, inspirational, and unique.

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“Omowale- The Child Has Come Home” The Diary of Justin Sankara

Justin Sankara, left America on a journey of self-discovery. He traveled to 20+ countries where he gained firsthand knowledge of the Black experience abroad. In this video, Black Diaries met up with Justin during his stop in Zambia.

The Baltimore Uprising

In May of 2015 after the death of Freddie Gray by Baltimore Police, a string of protests known as the “The Baltimore Uprising,” took place. Black Diaries organizers took a team of social workers on multiple trips to Baltimore, MD. to engage in narrative therapy with demonstrators.
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Zanzibar Part 2

The night had started as simple as any other. To be honest, the only thing on my mind was sitting around, having a drink, and good conversation. [Read more…]

Nessa Loves Boogie!

Mother’s Day has always been a hard day for me until I decided to look at all the beauty of a MOMMA. I didn’t fully understand the love of my MOMMY, Na Na, or my BIG MA but these women were the foundation of me having loving relationships with my partners.

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USC Diaries

On February 25, 2016, 40 University of Southern California students of color gathered together for a for a film screening of “USC Diaries”, and a constructive conversation regarding diversity and equity at USC.
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Isis, the Afro Goddess

Love Black theater? Watch as Cherie Danielle discusses her must see one-woman show “The Diary of an Afro Goddess.”
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Omowale- from the Yoruba language of Nigeria, meaning, “the child has come home”

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Zanzibar Part 1 – Omowale

Omowale- from the Yoruba language of Nigeria, meaning, “the child has come home”; name given to Malcolm X during his 1964 travels in Africa
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Ethiopia- “Brother”

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I must admit that I had some worries about coming to Africa. I had heard stories from other Black people that traveled to the Motherland previously and had been expecting to be welcomed like a long lost relative home for the first time. They had told me how they were instead confused as white or deemed just another American. My sample size was small so, while I was sure there was a great chance my experience would be different, I knew it was entirely possible this could happen.
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In This Very Spot


On a date that I can’t recall, at the top of a mountain with a name I can’t recall, I stood alone, looking out at the small town in Fukui, Japan. It was the first of many times that I have found myself frozen in contemplation of a series of thoughts that have become all too familiar in the time since. “Am I the first person like me- Black American, from a single parent household, that grew up in the “inner city” of Chicago, etc etc- to stand in this very spot.
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