Isis, the Afro Goddess

Love Black theater? Watch as Cherie Danielle discusses her must see one-woman show “The Diary of an Afro Goddess.”
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The Diary of Melanesia Hunter

Melanesia Hunter is the founder of the 27 Brand, a creative marketing, branding and booking agency located in Los Angeles, CA. The 27 Brand is collective of revolutionary visionaries who have a common goal to push Black culture forward by using their talents in social media, art, and music. Want to know more about how to get involved? Check out the websites below.

Black Diaries Presents Tongo Eisen-Martin

This Black Diaries production features the Diary of Tongo Eisen-Martin. Born in San Francisco, Tongo Eisen-Martin is a movement worker, educator, and poet.
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Howard Barry

...mourn with those who are

…mourn with those who are mourning

Howard Barry, also known as HbCreative, uses local Missouri newspapers, paint, and chalk as a tool of activism. His artistic approach to the murder of unarmed Michael Brown by Ferguson PD, expresses the human condition when dealing with racism and oppression. Barry states,

“To be honest the art was birthed from pure anger and frustration. I’ve had my share of run ins with Ferguson PD… it literally pissed me off that this is still going on. I had to do something to vent and sort my thoughts and the birthed artwork.”

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Tiffany Latrice

“In my artwork, I seek to understand the psychology of human emotion through the female body. The female body is used as a means to unveil the variety of emotions, especially the emotions that are hidden deep within a woman.”

“A woman is often taught to shield their emotions, secure them deep within the crevices of her heart, to cry when only she is alone, and express her sexuality in private.”
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